Target is a department store retailer based in the USA. It has more than one 1800 outlets across the nation and is the second-largest discount department store in the whole of the United States. The outlets across the country are named SuperTarget or Target. offers various items ranging from electronics, books, toys, games and sporting equipment, household essentials, outdoor supplies, gardening equipment, and groceries. Target stores are definitely your one-stop shopping spot. Receive even better value by utilizing Target coupons and promo codes and don't forget to take advantage of the following suggestions to maximize your budget.

Seize a Bargain with Target Clearance Items and Top Deals

When you visit the Target official website, click the drop-down “Deals” tab, and there, you'll notice the “Clearance” icon. Here, you'll discover excellent prices on items ranging from clothing to garden and patio items. If you're still hunting for more for bargains, just click on the “Top Deals” link under the “Deals” tab. You'll find Target coupons, discounts and special offers, such as the free gift cards on particular purchases.

Some of the Popular Discounts are:

  • $5 off $50 with Home Depot text sign-up
  • $5 off $50 with Home Depot newsletter sign-up
  • Up to 50% off featured items
  • Up to 20% coupon code (Target promo codes)
  • Up to 60% off Overstock items
  • Up to $10 off on select items
  • Up to 25% OFF Home Items + Extra 15% OFF

All Target stores are designed with the shoppers in mind; hence, they are well meant to give you an exciting experience while shopping. Target builds its stores to suit the neighborhood in which they are located. The City Target Stores are built with urban dwellers in mind and are appropriately sized and stocked to suit the taste of urban residents.

Target also has an award-winning app for iPhone users. With this iPhone app, you can shop from wherever you are and at your comfort. This is to take away the stress associated with shopping and giving the shoppers a fun, unique and pleasant shopping experience.

One of the philosophies and principles embraced by Target is its full commitment to every community that it serves. Target isn't selfish and doesn't believe in gaining at the expense of others. That is why they attempt to create a healthy and ethical work environment to give the customers fantastic shopping experience and try as much as possible.

In addition to this, Target gives financial support to any community they have a store, and Target gives five percent (5%) of the profits they make back to the host community.

The company also volunteers by entering into a partnership with other organizations that have the same goal as Target. That way, they can build healthier, stronger and safer communities by making development-oriented investments into the communities.

To further see how their environmental impact can be improved, Target invests heavily in solar power. Efforts are being made to ensure that by 2020, they will have 500 buildings with solar panels on the rooftops. As of April 2017 more 350 projects have already been completed.

Looking for How to Save at Target? Here's How:

Go through Targets Find page: On this page, you will be able to see popular, trendsetting items on Target's website in any category of your choice. Whatever you are looking for, you will be able to get it on “Target Finds.”

Target has launched its own app for Android and iOS users, and this helps shoppers to access any of Target's services from wherever they are.

Before you go shopping, check out the “Target Weekly ad” and ensure you are not missing anything on your shopping list before heading to the closest Target store.

Five Things about Target You Didn't Know

1% of your REDcard purchases made in Target stores or on the site, is donated by Target to the eligible K-12 school of your choice.

All purchases made on with your REDcard will be shipped to you freely.

After signing up to Target Pharmacy Rewards and fill your first eligible prescription, you will get 5% off a day of shopping.

Anyone who has a Target gift registry will get a coupon for 15 percent off every other item in their registry when the date of the event is getting closer.

Target owns a Bulls Eye shop where they sell the signature items that feature its canine mascot.