For over a century, L.L.Bean has provided shoppers with classic styles and outdoor gear designed with high-quality materials. Leon Leonwood Bean, the founder of L.L.Bean, started the company in 1912 as a one-person operation. Thanks to his perseverance, patience and keeping his customers satisfied, the retailer grew to be a global brand. During the tech bubble (the 1990s), L.L.Bean introduced a retail store for shoppers. Today, it is recognized as one of the oldest retail shops renowned for selling outdoor equipment, clothing for adults and children, decors for homes, hunting and fishing gears. Click on the button below to reveal the latest deals that are being offered at LLBean.com throughout December, 2020.

Leon L. Bean started the business by selling waterproof boots. He named the boot as Maine Hunting shoe. As the years went by, the business expanded, allowing the founder to offer more products to shoppers. He introduced the lifetime guarantee policy which the company uses until today. Thanks to this policy, shoppers have the chance of returning boots and receiving a full refund in the process. They also have the opportunity of sending back items that are years or decades old for repairs or replacement.

Today, L.L.Bean has kept up with the tradition of providing outdoor gear and equipment which are perfect for people who love to hike, fish, hunt or camp among other outdoor activities. Other products on offer include tents, camping gear, camping stove, backpacks and others. To ensure shoppers are able to enjoy high-quality products, the company has kept up with the tradition of manufacturing all its products in the United States. Today, it still owns one of the oldest and largest manufacturing centers in Maine. This is where much of the products offered on the L.L.Bean website are sourced from.

That is not all. L.L.Bean is renowned for giving back to the people. It has donated millions of dollars within a five-year span to several charities and organizations. These organizations are devoted to protecting and saving the environment, among other duties. Furthermore, L.L.Bean has a full environmental impact plan which is put in place before a new store is opened. This is done with the goal of preventing damage to the existing landscape.

The first store was opened in 1917 and today, it still operates at the same location in Maine. It is opened every single day of the year and every hour of the day. Thanks to increased sales and investments, L.L.Bean has opened over 24 retail stores and 11 outlet stores around the East Coast. Over 70 retail shops have also been opened in China and Japan. The company has faced stiff competition as a result of new entrants coming into the market and providing affordable outdoor and lifestyle products. To stay ahead of competitors, L.L.Bean introduced its Signature Line. This was done to make it more appealing to new shoppers. The Signature Line features classic pieces that have modern embellishments.

Clearance Information

As a shopper, you need to know that the company runs a year-long sale via its online platform. In this section, you will find discounted products and daily specials. They are available with up to 60% discount and free shipping. Shoppers can save a lot by visiting this page as well as going home with high-quality products. To take advantage of the discounted products, you need to visit the clearance page. Click the Sale link located towards the right side of the webpage. You can shop for discounts according to product categories like outdoor gear, luggage, home, hunting and fishing. Shoppers can also buy Signature Collections. Other sections you can take advantage of under the Sale link include New To Sale, Further Reduced, 2-A-Day Markdown and Daily Markdown. If you want an all-round page displaying for you all products under Clearance, click on the submenu “Clearance.” Here you will find products that are priced lower than their original prices. Furthermore, they come with a lifetime guarantee.